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Apple mint - herb - plant


Apple Mint (Mentha suaveolens) has a sunny sweet scent, warmly flavored of minted apples. Handsome, rounded leaves with a velvety texture make a refreshing treat when added to tea.
Price: £3.00
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Basil - sweet - Genovese - herb - plant


Basil - sweet - Genovese. This Genovese-type basil grows 18 to 24 inches high and 12 to 15 inches wide. The dark green, shiny leaves grow up to 3 inches long on a tall, erect plant that is slow to bolt. Small terminal racemes of pink flowers are borne in summer.
Price: £3.00
Out of Stock

Chamomile - herb - plant


Plant from April to early September. Plant 9” x 9” apart - that's 20 plants per square metre to metric people (or you can divide up our chunky plug plants and grow on in small pots before planting out). Thrives in a nutritious, well drained, soil. Never plant in waterlogged situations. (not suitable for areas where dogs may fowl as their ‘mess’ will kill it where it falls!) Chamomile, Lawn Chamaemelum nobile treneague Lovely soft, fern-like fragrant leaves. This non-flowering chamomile makes a wonderful lawn in an area with light foot traffic; it releases its aroma when walked on. 2in (5cm) Chamomile tea has been seen as a medicinal cure-all for centuries, but only now have UK researchers found evidence that the herbal tea has real benefits in a wide range of health ailments from the common cold to menstrual cramps.
Price: £3.00
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coriander - Herb - plant


Coriander is a feathery annual herb, with clusters of spicy seeds. Coriander plants can be used in curries and casseroles, and may be ground over lamb and pork. Coriander enjoys a sunny position but appreciates a little shade during the hottest part of the day
Price: £3.00
Out of Stock

Dill - herb - plant


Easy to grow Dill is grown for its lacey looking, tasty leaves that can be added raw to salads, sandwiches, pestos or used in cooked dishes. It’s seeds are used as seasoning in cooked dishes as well as making pickles. Dill makes a beautiful decorative garnish! It has a great, refreshing aroma and contains vitamins, minerals and fiber. It improves the appetite, contributes to digestion, and has a calming effect. Dill attracts and is a host plant for the Black Swallowtail butterfly. Dill can be dried and saved for months in an airtight container.
Price: £3.00
Out of Stock

Fennel - purple - herb - plant


Fennel - purple - herb - plant. (Foeniculum vulgare ) With its umbels of tiny yellow flowers and dark green or bronze wispy leaves, fennel is a decorative addition to the herbaceous border where it makes a good background plant. Be warned, however, that many other plants dislike fennel and grow poorly when forced to share space with this strong herb. Never plant fennel near coriander or dill.
Price: £3.00
Out of Stock

French Tarragon - herb - Plant


Robust flavor and warmly pungent aroma. A favorite for seasoning fish, omelets, poultry and seafood
Price: £3.00
Out of Stock

lemon thyme - herb - plant


Lemon Thyme looks and grows like English Thyme but has a lemon flavor and fragrance. Lemon Thyme is a popular culinary herb due to its mild citrus flavor. It is often used with chicken or fish in marinades and is also used with fruits. This thyme is very good in herbal teas.
Price: £3.00
Out of Stock

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